Beautiful Contradiction.

I am a contradiction. I am sweet, but feisty. Gentle, but rough. Small, but mighty. ; ) Social, but nerdy. Confident, but insecure. Saint, but sinner. Serious, but goofy. Restored, but broken. Shy, but bold. Polished, but edgy. Reserved, but wild.

These are contradictions… but I am all of these things.

I am finding that this surprises people. They don’t expect one thing to be put with another. But I’m also finding… I like surprising people…

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2 responses to “Beautiful Contradiction.

  1. “We need every day people who are willing to step out in beautiful contradiction to the world.”

    That is exactly what we need. I am tired of people who say they are Christians and then act as though they are part of this world, when they should be in this world but of a Heavenly nature.

  2. i liked what you said about Christianity’s root in contradiction. It continually amazes me to see Jesus trashing social norms and values. He flips everything on its head by touching lepers, eating with prostitutes, healing on the Sabbath, etc. Yet the goal is always obedience to God through faith. Jesus didn’t mess with society just to mess with it – He saw fundamental flaws and, in obedience to His Father, He broke the mold in faith. thanks for the call paige. we definitely need it.

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