When you feel like the Grinch…

Well, it’s Christmas day… and I don’t know about you, but I’ve been struggling with being a Grinch this season.

Okay, so maybe my heart hasn’t been 3 sizes too small… but this year, my family of 12 couldn’t get together for Christmas. Half of us live in Pennsylvania, the other half Tennessee. Granted, with such a big family, there has been many times when one or two of us were missing… but overall, the majority of us would be together. THAT’S what always made Christmas. It didn’t matter what we did, or if we even exchanged gifts. It was just about being together.

With that taken away this year, I think we’ve all been fighting the “bah-humbug” of the holidays. As so much of what I’ve come to know Christmas by has been stripped away or rearranged, I’m brought  back to the one… the only thing.


Without the gifts, and yes… even without family… it’s STILL Christmas.

Christ IS Christmas! Do we really understand and believe that? I know it’s taken a lot of rearranging in my heart to make room for that idea and be content with it. Because frankly, I love the trimmings the culture has put on Christ’s birthday. They make it to be all about the gift infested, tree-lit, tradition strung, magically romantic and heart warming family time. Which is great… but THAT’S not Christmas.

In fact, the first Christmas happened without any of those. And here’s the beautiful PURPOSE:

Christ came because we couldn’t get to Him. HE had to come to US.

When there was no other way in this dark and desperate world, He gave it ALL up… the Heavens, His throne, His power… becoming vulnerable in the form of a little baby. He came to US!

That just takes my breath away. THAT’S the romance that is magical to me this season. I was rescued on this day many years ago. And so were you.

So Merry Christmas loved one! No matter how much of a Grinch you may feel… THIS is the day that you were rescued. It’s CHRISTMAS day!


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