Little do they know…

So there’s this thing called “Christmas” and the “holiday season”, where people everywhere get themselves in a tizzy from all the decorating, shopping and festivity-ing. (yes, i’ve ordained that as a word)

Not only can you buy a Christmas sweater, but the whole Christmas lifestyle… music, movies, teas, cookies, books, car decorations and even tissues! Christmas has become a culture!

While the real meaning of Christmas is still buried somewhere between the mistletoe and gift exchange, it’s becoming more of an optional role. CHRIST is no longer essential in Christmas, as long as Santa and family are there.

What’s fascinating to me is that millions of people celebrate and even buy into this Christmas culture, with their eyes completely blind to what it’s about. Yet somehow, a whole season has been won by the marvelous beauty and captivating mystery that comes from Christmas. It’s almost like everyone KNOWS there is something deeper and more profound about this holiday, but they leave it wrapped up in the fuzzy feelings… calling it merely the “magic” of the season. Not a Savior.

The irony of this strange blindness reminds me exactly of life. People live life… and have no idea why. Even atheists don’t realize that every breath they take is proving the existence of a Living God that created them! We are here because of Him. Have we missed it?

Your life is the visible proof of an invisible God.

Whether our eyes are open to it or not, the life we live is a direct result of God. Even time itself is marked by Him as we base all of our years according to B.C. (Before Christ) and A.D. (translated, “in the year of our Lord”).

Try as they may, the world can cover up God all they want… but little do they know, their very existence is proving His!


4 responses to “Little do they know…

  1. I agree so much with all of this. I do want mention, though, that ‘they’ have decided to no longer use BC and AD. It is now BCE (before common era) and CE (common era). Pretty pathetic, if you ask me. There is a reason it was BC and AD.

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