My 2010 New Years Resolutions

Welcome to 2010! As I look back on the past decade, it’s unbelievable to think of all the things that have happened. Those 10 years hold the best and worst moments of my entire life. Those 10 years hold a piece of my journey that has changed everything.

I’ve decided to share some of my resolutions for this year with you. It’s kind of a personal thing I’ve never done before, but I want to share it because I think it’s important to share your heart, your dreams and even the things you struggle with. I view my resolutions as continual goals and renewed standards for myself (not just things to start this year). So, here are some of the things I have written down. With the help from my Resolution Committee shown above… 😉

New Years Resolutions of 2010

(if this my list is hard to read, click on the title of this blog)


  • Read through the whole Bible in a year.
  • Finish my book and have it published.
  • Take on the ministry I’ve been given as a full time job and create a “working schedule” for it.
  • Turn off excess noise by removing things from my daily routine that are distractions.
  • Get involved with more serving/outside missions.
  • Make learning part of my every day.
  • Exercise and take vitamins to sustain health and strength.
  • Get in bed earlier and wake up earlier to start my day. (this is going to be hard!!)
  • Learn to cook like my mom. (my husband will thank me some day ;))
  • Think outside of the box of Christian cliches and world standards.


  • Surrendered.
  • Actively patient.
  • Alert & discerning. (wise as serpent, innocent as dove. Matthew 10:16)
  • Gracious towards others even when hard to love.
  • Pure in heart, body and mind.
  • Unmistakably in love with God.
  • Less concerned with how I look.
  • Courageous. (being ok with stepping out alone & first)
  • Different.


  • What I am worth.
  • Who I am in Him.
  • How much bigger the story is than me.
  • That God is always at work.
  • That God is faithful regardless of me.
  • That who I am is enough.


  • Travel the world (or at least start by going to another country!)
  • Have someone tell me I’m taller than they expected in real life. 😉
  • Go visit my old home, PA!
  • ***Develop a coffee fund so I can afford going to coffee shops to write.***
  • And last, but not least… eat more pickles than any year before.

What are some of yours??
“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9


5 responses to “My 2010 New Years Resolutions

  1. if i meet you this year, I’ll say you’re taller than I expected…especially since now I’m guessing you’re short, so you will actually be taller than I expected

  2. Well, if you’re taller than last time I saw you, then I’ll be able to say you were taller than I expected!

    My biggest NYR is to treat everyone, online and off, as someone who is important to me – after all, in God’s eyes they are; they should be in mine as well.

  3. Awesome New Year Resolutions!!! I already wrote mine a few days ago, but I may have to add a few things thanks to your inspiration. 🙂

    My top 3 NYR’s are: to have a personal devotion every day, be intentional, and surrender more to God!

    1 Timothy 4:12,
    Hope 🙂

  4. I like how your Resolution Committee is your dog and Bible! My New Years Resolution is similar to yours. To sum it all up, I’d say that my New Years Resolution is to know and love God more than ever before!

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