You know what’s beautiful?

I talked to this girl once who admitted to changing her hair to a certain color just because she saw it on someone else and thought it looked incredible. However, once she put that color on herself, she quickly saw that it looked completely different. That hair color just didn’t work well with her skin tone like it did on the other girl. She said she feels like sometimes she just goes from one style to the next merely because she saw it on someone else, liked it and thought maybe if she did that, she could “look as good as them”. Shaking her head, she told me how it was never enough. She was always looking to try another style, color, cut or make up just to find that look the other girls seemed to have.

Her story isn’t the only one. In fact, I’d venture to say it’s the story of most girls. Why else do we buy fashion magazines?

Truthfully, I have found myself doing the very same thing. I’ll see someone who I think looks absolutely beautiful, notice certain details of their look and then consider what it would be like on myself. While in some ways, this is fine and simply how creative ideas are spread… in other ways, it’s absolute death. There will ALWAYS be the newest this, the latest that, and if you try so hard to follow along… it will kill you.

Maybe not your physical body, but that unique spirit that makes you… you.

I am finding that it is not a style that makes people’s head turn. It’s not the amount of make up or the exquisitely crafted hair. What sets a person a part, is just being themselves.

Whether they’re short or tall, pale or tan, wearing glasses or not, round or long… it doesn’t matter. It takes knowing yourself: Who you are and what you’re not. Where you’ve been and where you want to go. What you like and how you want to come across.

So the bottom line? Just be yourself. That’s what’s beautiful.

“Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7


3 responses to “You know what’s beautiful?

  1. I completely agree. Some of the most beautiful girls I know, don’t dress to impress or wear lots of makeup. God made each one of us beautiful. If we take the time to really the see the beauty, we’ll be amazed.

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  3. I love Paige’s massage(and music). In a society all about having the perfect image, it’s is so good for people to hear that they are beautiful know matter what. Sometimes I’m amazed at what people will do to have the “perfect body.” No one really seems to talk about your inside, your personality, your faith, nothing is mentioned. Often the happiest people are not what society thinks is beautiful but what God thinks is beautiful. Paige does a great job at saying this. Rock on.

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