See the devastation. HELP Haiti.

Haiti was hit yesterday with a 7.0 magnitude earthquake near it’s capitol, Port-au-Prince. The earthquake produced many after-shocks, including 2 large ones over 5.0.

Reports and images show that destruction is rampant. Considering so much of Haiti is made up of shacks and little to no reinforced concrete, it has been left a complete and utter wasteland.

Someone wrote this morning, “I’m not asking where is God, I’m asking where is the church. This a time for us to shine in the darkness. Our friends in Haiti can’t ask you. We can’t hear their cries for help, or their screams of pain and fear, but please know that they are real. They’re not statistics, they are humans that God loves.” – Darren Tyler (

Words can’t describe how these pictures grieve me. I am especially struck knowing that this is where my precious little 12 year old sponsor child, Majorie, lives. I wonder if her and her family are ok… the sheer terror of everything around them and what it must be like…

While we sit here and read these reports and see these images, may we not go another second in our day without stopping to pray for these people. Not only for their bodies and lives but for their souls, who have been even more deeply wounded. Pray that somehow they would experience God through this devastation and turn to Him like never before.


This tragedy, among all, is a reminder that our life is not our own. It it our responsibility to give whatever we have to those in need. Right now, I am asking you to help World Vision’s relief fund. While they are asking for $50, you can give as little as $10 if that is all you are able. Just click the “other $” button.


Every one of us has at least $10. Give what you can. But please, give, in whatever way you are able.

Jesus’ words to us: “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for Me.” Matthew 25:40

See the devastation for yourself.


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