Rethink. If you could change the church…

The other day, I posted a question that said, If you could change one thing about church, what would it be?”

This question received a lot of interesting feedback, so I thought I would share some. Here’s some of your responses:

  • Our church is really old fashioned, I wish we could sing more contemporary music.
  • That they’d actually have a bible message instead of just games 4 youth group!!
  • I’d say make them less judgemental…
  • A collaborative return to God’s Word; which ties into a reverence of God in place of the pursuit of relevance to the world
  • Less judgemental, or you could have dancing at a wedding and the pastor would still marry you.
  • Less “religious”
  • That people wouldn’t just come in and leave unchanged…that church would intensify our walk and send us running into our community energized to be Jesus to the world
  • Less concert, more worship.
  • How the leaders/members are “fake Christians”. Like how they act like they’re better than other ppl. & more youth focused
  • That the Holy Spirit would become more prevalent and be brought up much more in the church
  • That it would be run less like a business and more like a ministry.
  • I’d like more contemporary music or a church band and I’d like the sermons to relate more to teens as well as older people
  • Change i would make is to take the “business” aspect out of it, allowing for open teaching.. turn it back into 100% ministry
  • That other ppl didnt feel like…judged or something, so that more ppl would come
  • I’d like to see God become the center focus once again rather than the congregation.
  • Alive, I love when church is alive, vibrant, exploding with excitment for God. I like to see the people excited about God it’s awesome and its contagious.
  • I wish people werent so conservative….and worship was like a party for God!
  • It’d be the apathy. Youth services are sooooo boring. we need a new attitude
  • More youth and a youth group! We don’t have hardly any youth at our church.
  • Hmm, no denominations ( The bible says we are one body)
  • If I could, I’d change people’s focus on what the church should be, rather stumbling over what it shouldn’t be.If I could, I’d change people’s focus on what the church should be, rather stumbling over what it shouldn’t be.

These are just SOME of the responses… thanks so much to all who gave their input! Ultimately, I walked away with 3 main themes from what was said.

1. There needs to be less judgement.

2. Youth group can be either lame or non-existent. Need to reach out to youth more, go deeper and be relevant.

3. Church needs to be more about God. Less show, less business… more raw, real ministry.

One person made a great point though, and that is that instead of just focusing on what the church ISN’T… we need to know and focus on what the church IS. Sadly, Christians can have more of a reputation for what they are against than what they’re for.

This blog doesn’t really have a neat and tidy conclusion… I wanted it to open up more of a discussion, and have it be something that just causes us to stop and think about the current place we’re at and why. It can be so easy to get wrapped up in a routine of going to church or not going to church without ever asking why.

Church is tomorrow. Think for yourself. Evaluate where you’re at and ask yourself where God is in it. Or if He’s in it at all.

I would love to hear your thoughts. 🙂

love always,


P.S. No church is perfect. If you find yourself criticizing something about the church you go to… ask yourself what it would take to change it. Then consider… maybe you’re the one who’s supposed to change it. If you don’t, who will?


3 responses to “Rethink. If you could change the church…

  1. i think about this a lot. and to confess, i can become critical of the church because of this reason or that.

    1) there’s plenty that we’re doing wrong.
    2) and there’s plenty that we’re not doing right.

    and it’s legit. and yet, these lyrics remind me of the mindset i need to maintain: “let now the church shine as the bride that YOU saw in YOUR heart as YOU offered up YOUR life; let now the lost be welcomed home by the saved and redeemed – those adopted as YOUR own.”

    it’s important to invest in the overall collaborative, collective, corporate sanctification of the church. it is equally important to recognize the extravagant love JESUS has for the church, to recoil in awe and wonder at how and why JESUS loves such a collection of wretches, to realize that i am a part of this collection, and to receive – with fear and trembling – the task that is before us: to imitate HIS love.

    book suggestions:
    a) PAGAN CHRISTIANITY (by george barna & frank viola).
    b) WHY WE LOVE THE CHURCH (by kevin deyoung & ted kluck).
    c) UNCHRISTIAN (by david kinnaman & gabe lyons).
    d) EMERGING CHURCHES (by eddie gibbs & ryan k. bolger).

  2. I once heard a pastor say something like this….. Ask yourself,’if everyone prayed as much as I do, and did as much as I do, what kind of church would we have?’ It is a real self-convicting question….

  3. Wow that is very true! I would definedly work on all those especially the ones you mentioned. BTW I am going to be making a fan club for you because you are one of my role models but I don’t have a whole lot of information about you or pictures. Do you think that on your next blog you could include some fun facts about you and maybe some pictures of when you were smaller and now that you are 19? That would mean the world to me!

    God bless,


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