I’m spilling the beans…!!

Hey everyone!

Okay, so those of you who follow me have probably seen a few posts about a “special project” that I’ve been working on. I’ve been saying for a while now that I would let you know what it was soon….

So now, the time has come to let you know….

Are you ready???

It’s almost time to tell you……

OK! You’ve waited long enough. 😉
Here’s the news:

As you know, on January 12th, 2010, the precious country of Haiti was hit by a catastrophic earthquake. Reports say an estimated 230,000 people were killed, 300,000 injured and 1 million left homeless.

This disaster struck especially close to my heart, as a year ago I began sponsoring a 12 year old girl named, Majorie, who lives in Port-au-Prince, Haiti (the center of where this earthquake hit). I have still not heard specifically of her condition.

As I prayed for Haiti and about what I personally could do to help, I was moved to write a song for Haiti and have it recorded in order for the proceeds to go to World Vision’s Haiti relief fund. All of the work on the song was generously donated by: Chris Omartian, who wrote the song with me and produced it, Paul Allen, who played guitars and Tony Palacios, who mixed it.

The song is called, “Not Forgotten” and is in the process of being put on iTunes. EVERY CENT of the proceeds will go straight to World Vision’s Haiti relief fund. I will be sure to announce the release date of the song as soon as I know!

I just announced news of this song in a podcast here: http://www.givmusic.com/2010/03/a-givstory-by-ishinelive-artist-paige-armstrong/

I hope that you will stay tuned for its release and buy the song to support the life changing restoration that is needed. Those precious Haitians whose lives were taken out from under them desperately need to know, they WILL NOT be forgotten.

Thank you for going on this journey with me! Let’s continue to use our lives to love others, in all ways, at all times.

Love Always,



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