Where on earth have I been the last month?

So, I just looked at my blog and realized my last post was a month ago. Which leads to the question…

Where on earth have I been?

Well, the iShine Tour started up about a month ago, which pretty much requires being gone every weekend… and sometimes even through the week. If we get to come home at all, it’s usually for only like 2 days, until we have to go back out again. Needless to say, I haven’t been home much, and I’m pretty sure my friends back home are starting to wonder if I still even exist!

So far we’ve been to Durant, OK, Sherman, TX, Fort Hood, TX, Paducah, KY, Westerville, OH, Cincinnati, OH, Tulsa, OK, Plano, TX (did 3 shows there), Eastland, TX and Little Rock, AR tomorrow. We’re only half way through the tour… and so if we haven’t come to your area yet, check out the website and see if we’re about to! http://ishinelive.com/tour/ishine-tour

Our time on the road has certainly been an adventure so far. From the craziness of the shows, to waking up in a new city every day, to staying at a camp and having bug attacks be a normal and frequent part of our day… we’ve certainly had an array of experiences so far! 😉

This outing in particular, has been a long one, as we didn’t get to come home in between our weekend shows but stayed at a camp for our days in between. The first day of our time off we got to hang out a bit and explore the camp, the second we went to a school to visit 1st-12th grade classes and the 3rd day we went to a food bank to serve and minister to the people there. It was really awesome to get to spend our time in that kind of one-on-one service. Getting to minister from the stage is one thing, but really getting the chance to sit down with people, hear their stories and talk through their struggles is another.

These past 2 weeks especially have been a really unusual and unique time. It certainly helps that the camp we’ve been staying at has a beach… 😉 I’ve LOVED spending my devotional times down by the water. There’s something so intimate about spending time with the Creator surrounded by His massive and beautiful creation. It makes me feel SO small, but incredibly loved. Knowing that God could create vast wonders like the the ocean, sky and mountains, yet He still cares for ME… it just blows my mind.

Photos by: Matt Huesmann ©2010

I’m signing off for now… leaving at 6am for our show in Little Rock, AR tomorrow. Still need to pack and clean up before going to sleep! Good night my lovely friends… I promise I will write soon again. God is doing so much right now, I’m definitely not at a loss of things to share!


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