How I Broke the Rules.

There are certain things in life that seem to travel on a conveyor belt. Those things not only have one route, but seem to set the “rule” for how things are supposed to travel. According to this “rule”, there is NO other way than the route the track is going.
At some point in time, we are all on a conveyor belt. Whether it’s our family’s, society’s or the one built of our circumstances, we all get pulled onto a moving track of expectations and pre-set rules.

For me, it was the conveyor belt of society. After I was healed of cancer at age 12, I was determined to get any normalcy back in my life. Previously having been homeschooled, I decided I wanted to dip my toes into the “real world” and go to a private Christian school. At some point during my time there, I began slipping onto the moving track. It starts with the tests and the “if you get this score… you can do that”. And when you’re a Junior… it’s what your whole year and every grade is about. College.

I used to be so excited about it. Even back in 8th grade, I loved to talk about it, think about it, research where I could go. College seemed like the ticket to my dreams because, after all, society said that was the next step after high school… Right?

Long story short, I ended up moving to Nashville, TN from my home in Pennsylvania just before my Senior year of high school and thought that I would go to the college I had my heart set on, called Belmont University. I ended up not going to Belmont… or any other college after I graduated high school that year (2008). After moving, God ignited a burning passion in me to join a traveling tour where I could be part of a ministry. I didn’t have a clue who or how, but the desire grew unmistakably in my heart. However, when I began saying my desire out loud to people, I kind of felt ridiculous… because it wasn’t the “normal route” and it didn’t include college.

A day after I graduated high school, the Lord opened doors for me to not only sign a record contract and further the music I had been working on, but to be a part of a touring ministry called iShine that was just starting up. Wait. Did someone just say… touring ministry??? Isn’t that exactly what God had been putting on my heart?

So I did it. I broke the rules. I trashed my college applications and joined a traveling ministry that has stretched me and taught me more than the 2 years I had planned at college would have ever. In that time, I’ve been studying many books and conducting my own research relating to the things that God’s given me a passion for. This has been the most beneficial way for me to spend my time. But the decision wasn’t hasty… It was made only after much prayer and constantly laying my dreams in God’s hands.

My point isn’t to discourage college. I have friends who went to college right after high school and it has been the absolute best thing for them! The point is: the conveyor belt shouldn’t rule our lives. Even though society dictates the way to do “this” and how to get “that”… seek the Lord and let Him form your OWN path. Don’t be afraid of “breaking their rules”.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.” Proverbs 3:5-6


12 responses to “How I Broke the Rules.

  1. totally agree paige. listening and doing the thing that you god tells you to do is alot more beneficial than doing the things dictated to you by a society that did not die for you.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I am a home schooled junior and have never really felt the “pull” to go to college. I think God has something different for me. If I do go to college I want to major in history and minor in gov’t. My mom has told me that if I don’t go to college I can always study books from the library. It’s amazing how I keep hearing of people who didn’t/don’t go to college, but still educated themselves and did a dang good job of it. idk, I need to pray more about this relating to myself. 🙂


  3. This is a great post! But there is something that stuck out to me and I don’t understand how you meant it…You said ” seek the Lord and form your OWN path.” what exactly do you mean by “form your OWN path”? I don’t mean for this to be offensive in any way, it’s just something I don’t understand.

    • Hey Christine! Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you asked! I definitely did not mean it in reference to forming your own will outside of God’s. I meant, rather, don’t let the world make the path for you. Make your own according to how God is leading you… and don’t be afraid to be different.
      Does that make sense?

      All other paths are futile without the Lord. There is no other path of fulfillment and purpose outside of His. Thanks for wanting clarification! I’ll change that sentence in my blog to make sure that is more clear 🙂

  4. Thanks Paige! I am struggling right now with choosing between what I KNOW God is calling me to do and what my family wants me to do. I already had my mind set on doing what God wants, but my family is making that hard for me. BUT GOD… God will always be there to direct me and will prosper everything that I do that is according to His will.

  5. Thanks Paige…Mrs. Menniti would be proud. She alsways encouraged the PCS kids to seek God’s will for them in their life and had battled with many parents and administrators, to her detriment, on behalf of them to open all eyes to God’s will. You were so blesssed to have some of the few parents who encoursged their Child to do what you did…. this reminds me of one of my favoirite quotes……” Why is it when we talk to God it is Praying, but when He talks to us we are called crazy?”

    • Girl! Your blog is looking cooler and cooler every time I see it! Love what you’re doing with it. THAT’S such an awesome way to impact & encourage others! I’m proud of what the Lord is doing in and through you 🙂

      • Thought my comment in reply to yours was impersonal so I want to say this – It gives me GREAT joy to read that you are proud of what the Lord is doing in and through me. I am so glad to hear that He is working through me! Best thing anyone has said to me all year! And it also gives me great pleasure and encouragment to know you like my blog. 🙂 Have a wonderful day, Paige! ❤

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