This is my story… what’s yours?

The crowd was roaring and hundreds of kids and their families were already built up with excited anticipation by the artists that performed ahead of me. This was a night about high energy and fun, but also the essential understanding of kid’s identity in Christ and their unique purpose. In a few minutes, it was my turn to step on stage and talk to the kids about that very message.

Yet somewhere behind the curtain and big screen, I was hiding off to the side, quite a bit sick with nervousness and wishing I could disappear into the crowd and out the back door. I am NOT cut out for this! I remember saying to myself. What on earth do I have to say that will mean something in the lives of these kids?? I’m practically one myself!

Our host, Jamie-Grace, exited the stage after introducing me as the speaker who would be coming on next. The already swarming butterflies proceeded to tie themselves into knots in my stomach.

“Paige Armstrong’s life began like that of most other kids…” thundered out of the sound system at the venue. The large screen lit up with the video intro to my talk, which shared my story of being a healthy, normal kid who ended up being diagnosed with bone cancer at age 11. The intro took the audience through some pictures of my healthy days, to then the life shattering images of me lying in my hospital bed, bald and barely able to move from my surgeries.

Instantly a hush came over the audience, as it was such a contrast to the bubbly fun they had just been having. As I watched this video of my life play out, I was pulled back into my days at St. Christopher’s hospital… remembering the pain, the meds, and seeming hopelessness. I then watched as my story with the Make-A-Wish foundation was unfolded… how they granted my wish to go to Nashville and record a professional CD, and how that unleashed an overwhelming amount of opportunities to sing and speak all over the country. Featuring my interviews on NBC’s “Today Show” and a program called “Extra” through the Bath & Body Works Christmas CD I was part of, the video proceeded to explain some of the unbelievable opportunities and blessings that came from my experience with cancer.

Having been brought back to those desperate and dark times in the hospital, I was left standing in my corner backstage completely at a loss for words when remembering all that God had done. Suddenly my thoughts of wanting to disappear from the stage felt completely shameful as I realized what a miracle it was that I was even standing there. In that moment, God just said to me, “Paige… I didn’t spare you so that you could keep silent.” Immediately this overwhelming sense of strength and confidence washed over my entire body. He’s right. What was I thinking?? I have no choice but to share what He’s given me. It’s why I’m here… the reason I’m breathing.

In the same way, I consider this amazing truth in all of our lives.

We were bought with such an extreme price of Christ’s blood. He laid down His life for us so that we could live. (Romans 5:8) That alone gives such worth to our lives!
The words that God gave me that night backstage have become the lyrics to the “Story Song”, off my new album. “NO ONE’S spared to just keep silent, NO ONE’S saved to just keep still”.

Each one of us has a story. Each one of us has been given a mist of time on earth to use in living out God’s purpose for us.

This is my story… what’s yours?

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5 responses to “This is my story… what’s yours?

  1. Paige you have just confirmed my beleif in God wanting me to be a youth pastor. Reading this blog is such an insparation to me and I thankyou from the bottom of my heart. I love your music and your testimony. My testimony may not be as extravagent as yours but God loves me non-the-less…and you have shown me that! God bless you in all you do! 😀 ❤

    • Sounds alot better than some people. Some people don’t even try to hear God. It’s amazing to hear that you have heard God and are planning on pursuing that desire. “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”(Psalm 37:4) If you are in love with your mighty creator, there in no doubt that that desire came from Him.

  2. I never actually saw any pictures of that time of your life. I have seen the scar in one of your videos, but this makes me think even more. I have seen what God has done with you, but I haven’t fully seen where He brought you from. One of your posts that I like going back to is “From the Shadows of Death to a Life Not Wasted,” but a picture is worth a thousand words. I have read that blog several times, but now I SAW where you were in a sense.

    Your life inspires me so much every time I think about you and what God has done. Now for the last part of this blog. What is my story? God is calling me to act and write for Christian screenplays. I have already started an outline of my first Christian Movie back my freshman year of high school. He has also called me into some sort of youth ministry. I am planning on attending Oral Roberts University to major in Drama/tv/film Performance and to minor in youth ministry. Even though my own father is trying to convince me otherwise because of the MONEY, I am following the desire that God has given me because His Kingdom is not of this world. I shouldn’t worry about money. If this is truely what God wants me to do, then He will provide for me.

    Thanks for reminding us how fortunate we are to breath right now. We are vapors in the wind (James 4:14). Here today and gone tomorrow. Since we don’t know when we will be gone from this planet, we need to use every minute God has given us.

  3. So how about I’m like in tears… ha. You inspire me Paige. Your strength through it all and your assurance for why you are here sends this like huge chunk (I can’t explain it better… it’s midnight have mercy haha) of hope. I’m so blessed to know someone like you. It’s so exciting to see what God is doing in your life.

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