Mistaken For A Guy

After chemo, I went to school with my hair an inch short… and this is the story of how I was mistaken for a guy. 😉


3 responses to “Mistaken For A Guy

  1. So I dont think that i have anything to beat that but this ight come close. All of this happened in one day. I was in 5th grade at a private Christian school (am now home schooled and have been since 7th grade now a jr,) First off i walk into school and fall (not bad) then i realize that my shirt is not only on backwards, but also inside out….then later in the morning I had finished my math test stapled the papers together went to hand it to my teacher…well i let go but my sleeve did not i had stapled the test to my shirt. Then gym came around..and I had forgot to get my gym shoes from home..so i had to run wearing my freinds extra paire…did i mention she was a girl! I was horrified and ontop of all that my gym shorts were on backward…all in all it was the worst day of my life becasue after all that….my yogurt in my luch boox spilled all over my lunch and me 😦 but looking back all i do is laugh!

  2. ha see..funny thing is i’ve been mistaken for a guy a few times too..hahaha. my freakin voice. like i hate talking to people on the phone unless they’ve met me first b/c of that lol. my voice is alto to the extreme!! oh, there was also a time i ripped my pants..but that wasn’t at school. hm..embarassing moments at school…i’ll have to think about it for awhile and we’ll see haha!

  3. In preschool I peed in my pants almost everyday so my mom sent an extra pair of clothes with me to school. now it is so funny.

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