If Anyone Should Care, It’s Us.

Yesterday, I got to vote in the primary elections for the Governor of my state. It was only my second time voting, as my first experience was during the presidential elections right after I turned 18.

Though I’ve grown up in a very politically savy family, I confess that I haven’t been as engaged as I really should be. To me, and many others, the word “politics” usually has an ugly meaning attached to it that’s hypocritical, power-hungry and corrupt. While I used to want to brush off politics all together, I’ve realized how mistaken I was to turn my back on such a brewing, life-changing force. Yes, the political world IS full of slime… which is exactly why we need to get our heads out of the sand and understand what is being given and taken away from us right underneath our nose.

Unlike most other places in the world, you and I have the opportunity and FREEDOM to be a part of shaping how our country is run and how we are allowed to live our lives. This is a precious privilege that we cannot take lightly, or it will be taken away.

Young people, it is not acceptable for us to be disengaged or apathetic when it comes to what is going on politically in our country. Our lives and future, as well as the world around us, are being directly affected by the good or bad decisions being made by our leaders today. Every document that is signed, every law that is passed is currently laying the foundation for our future. Those who say they are “apathetic” towards politics are in essence saying they don’t care about who or what shapes their future! Wake up.

It’s not about a campaign. It’s about things like our personal freedom. Our religion. Our future families. Our ability to pursue our dreams. It’s about issues like abortion, war, national security, finances. While these words have a tendency to overwhelm and make some of us want to run, they are issues and realities that we need to open our eyes to.

Trust me, I’ll be the first person to tell you that I have a lot of learning to do. None of this stuff is something I would naturally read about on my spare time or listen for on the radio. However, I realize its importance, and WILL NOT be apathetic. I will care and learn as much as I can because I refuse to stand idly by while my freedom is tromped on and my future misshaped.

Though at times we may feel these things are irrelevant to us as young people… WE are the ones who will have to live long-term with the decisions that are currently being made. Not our parents. Not even the leaders.
Frankly, if anyone should care, it’s us.


6 responses to “If Anyone Should Care, It’s Us.

  1. Here are two awesome resources for you guys to check out:

    http://www.t4at.com/ This is an organization and website called “Truth for American Teens” that is run by an awesome TEENAGE girl named, Karen! She is brilliant, incredibly involved and a strong Christian who seeks to share truth with others.

    http://www.wnd.com/ This second site, is a news website that offers a lot of “behind the scenes” info that sometimes our typical mainstream news doesn’t. Even if you’re short on time, if anything, sometimes it’s helpful to just scroll through the titles of the articles to get a feel for what’s going on that day.

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  3. I wish that I could have been a part of this years elections, but I will be able to vote in the next presidential election. I don’t see how so many people could just sit back and watch our country fall apart due to not voting, or not voting for who they know they should just because they don’t think that he/she would have a chance of winning. I pray that people would pray to God for guidance and that they would actually vote for who they know they should.

    Thanks, Paige, for reminding us that our vote counts.

    • You’re right Caleb! We will definitely need your vote and influence in next year’s election!

      You are and will be a strong voice for the Lord in all ways in our generation.

      < Paige

  4. Amen we have this thing at our church called phish( it stands for pursuing holiness I serve him) in the children center and the 5th and 6th graders are in it .we are the ones who tell the kids what to do,we have t-shirts that say phish on it,and we sing and dance on a stage an do pupets .that touched my heart.

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