Blame The Screen

Imagine this. It’s 1:53 PM and you’re late for a meeting. The computer you’ve been counting on to finish an important document is officially frozen and refuses to let you even move the mouse to click “Restart”. 

This is the moment when all tact goes out the window. As you shout at, and pound on your computer, you imagine throwing it across the room and making it regret treating you this way! What nerve!

Wait… really?

You slowly gather your composure and glance around the room to make sure no one just witnessed your private war with your computer. You know it’s just an electronic device, but you still choose to blame it for maliciously trying to ruin your day and make you late.

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I wrote this blog for, a website whose desire is for no one to deal with the crushing weight of loneliness, depression, anxiety, stress, abuse, addictions, or thoughts of suicide alone.


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