The “Thankful Box”

There’s something beautiful about being thankful.

When I was little, I made a box called the “Thankful Box”. It was a box where you’d put the list of things that you were thankful for after writing them out. My family used to do that each year, but for some reason we hadn’t in a little while.

Last night, we rekindled that old tradition. We got out some index cards and scribbled down the things that we were thankful for this year. After we finished our dinner, we opened the box and picked out the first card. One by one, we went around the dinner table sharing what we had written and what we were thankful for. What initially seemed like a cute little thing to do, turned into hardly a dry eye at the table. As we took this moment to share our thanks… for each other, for God, for our lives and the blessings of the wild journey we’ve all been on… there was something so deeply profound that came out of our words. There was something about sharing and recognizing our gratitude that was so overwhelming – like the deepest joy you can imagine.

I read in my devotional the other day that thankfulness is God’s love language which enables us to communicate intimately with Him. That really struck me because if thankfulness is one of the main ways that God wants us to show our love for Him… I feel like I haven’t been loving Him very well. I realized I sometimes carry around a spirit of ungratefulness and even entitlement to God and His love.

I heard a speaker the other night who asked a question that I’ve been thinking about for days. It was this: If God never did ONE more thing for you in your life, would you still be thankful?

I stopped. Would I?

Here’s the thing. Even if God never did one more thing for me in my life… I have every reason in the world to be grateful to Him and give Him my life. He’s the creator of the Universe who came down to earth to take on MY death and save me. How could I ever demand more from Him?

But then the speaker said, with gentleness in his voice and reassurance in his eyes…”But God is a good God and He will be with you and He delights in blessing you.” Suddenly, my heart was just so humbled. God has already given me everything… but He loves me enough to not stop there.

I have every reason to be thankful.


One response to “The “Thankful Box”

  1. Hi, Paige. I really enjoyed reading this post. I loved how you mentioned the thankful box and how you restarted that wonderful tradition. But what really got me was that last question: “If God never did one more thing for you in your life, would you still be thankful?” Once I asked myself a similar question: “If from now on, everything in my life went wrong and nothing seemed right, would I still trust God?” That got me thinking, we tend to be ungrateful most of the time without recognizing it. That’s why I have made a commitment to always trust God even if everything went wrong. I hope this blesses you the way it has blessed me. Take care of yourself and my God bless this wonderful ministry you have. Kudos to you, Paige. =)

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