In honor of Haiti: My song, “Not Forgotten”

One year ago, today, Haiti was struck by a 7.0 earthquake that devastated their country. Exactly one year later, the country is still in ruins and in need of much help. Over a million people are living in tents with unspeakable conditions. Of the survivors still living in tents, approximately 380,000 are children. Women and children, as young as 4 and 5, are being raped by gangs operating unchecked in the 1,200 refugee camps.

Though money has been pledged to help Haiti from several countries, most of that money and help has yet to arrive. I was shocked to hear that less than 5% of the debris from the earthquake has been cleared… leaving enough to fill dump trucks parked bumper to bumper halfway around the world. (information from

While it has been a year since this tragedy, it is clear that the Haitian people are still in great need of prayers and help. Though a year of other disasters and needs have piled up since theirs, they cannot be forgotten.

Soon after Haiti was hit, I shared that I would be releasing a song that I had written and recorded for them which would benefit World Vision. My plans to release that song were altered, and I was unable to release it as I had planned. Now, in order to share the song with you, I have made a video of remembrance to honor this day one year ago. I will let you know when the song is available to be purchased for the proceeds to support World Vision.

For now, may this song and video be a reminder for us to pray and help in whatever way we can. May the precious Haitian people know they are not forgotten.

All of the work on the song was generously donated by: Chris Omartian, who wrote the song with me and produced it, Paul Allen, who played guitars and Tony Palacios, who mixed it.


11 responses to “In honor of Haiti: My song, “Not Forgotten”

  1. My civics teacher showed us a few of the same pics. Paige, no matter what you do, you always touch someone. That someone is often me! I pray that I will be like that someday! Thank you for being such an inspiration and having a large, warm heart for God and His children! Keep following Him, and you will NEVER stagger in your faith. 🙂 You truly care, and not just trying to get a good image. ❤

  2. Paige – thank you for this song to remind us all that we can make a difference and none of us are forgotten by our Father in Heaven.

  3. May the Lord, using Kingdom economics as only He can, transform the investment in the song to achieve a multiplied blessing and good outcome for those in need and yourself.

  4. Wow! What a beautiful song and what an inspiring message. I’m proud to say I’m subscribed to this blog and that I have your music, Paige. God has once again inspired you for a great task. May the Lord keep blessing you with the talents, the resources, the people and the drive so you can continue to bless the world, one life at a time…

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  6. It’s so true Haiti still needs lots of help! I am so excited because my school is planning on doing a play to raise awareness for Haiti and a Carnival to raise money for them! I get to write the script for the play too…. so much work to do…

  7. Paige,

    Daniel Bell, one of our pastors here at Christ Church, forwarded me to your video.

    This is really an incredible song, and its production and the video are stellar. More than that though, your message to us to not forget to pray for the people of Haiti is most significant!

    Thank you for sharing your talents and the Gospel with us.

    Grace and Peace,
    Christopher Phillips

  8. Oh my gosh, Paige! YOU. ARE. ENGAGED! That is so great! Thanks to you (and, I guess one of my cousins), I have chosen to wait for my husband. One of my sisters and my friends all say, “How are you going to know what kind of man you want to marry, if you don’t bother to date?” “Because I trust that the Lord has an amazing man planned for me, full of faith, love and compassion.”
    So… I think I speak for many when I ask, what’s his name, Paige?

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