Meet the New Me… Paige Omartian.

Hey Everyone,

Some big changes have been going on in my life lately… namely… I got married! 🙂

November 11th (11.11.11) was our special day, and it truly was amazing. We said our vows in front of huge bay windows that displayed a gorgeous sunset and perfectly tinted fall trees. The celebration continued at the reception where we had dinner, fellowship, and dancing. Chris and I actually learned a special dance for our “first dance song” (which was “One and Only” by Michael O’Brien) full of turns, dips, and even a kiss! Every moment of our wedding was unforgettable. After waiting our whole lives for that day, it felt almost strange to actually be standing in the midst of it. Chris and I had to keep looking at our rings and telling each other after the ceremony… “Psst, we’re married!!” It seemed too incredible to believe!

We returned from an amazing honeymoon just in time for Thanksgiving (how awesome is that?!) and have been working on getting settled in our home and decorating for Christmas ever since.

As I sit in my new home and type this, I can’t help but think of what an amazing whirlwind this all has been. In those brief moments at the alter, Chris and I declared vows that have changed our lives more than any other words we have ever said. (Besides what we said when we first came to Christ, of course.) When Chris and I were going through our pre-marital counseling with our pastor and his wife, they tried to warn and prepare us for the on-setting changes marriage would bring. To be honest, they blew our minds with the depth of what it really means to join your life with someone… to lay down your life for them, commit no matter what to them, and so many other things. One of the things that I didn’t expect to hear from them was that I should seriously prepare myself for my changed name. They told me that taking on your husband’s name can result in a sort of identity crisis in some women. While I loved writing “Paige Omartian” all over my desk’s Post-it-Notes and notebooks, they were right. There was something scary about loosing the name that had “defined” me all my life. Who is Paige Omartian?? I didn’t know her! The name sounded so foreign… yet it was soon to be mine.

Since I am a nerdy list person, I grabbed my journal one night and began to dissect who this “Paige Omartian” really was. What does she look like? What is she like? How does she carry herself? What does she find important? Questions like these flooded my mind until I spilled out all the things I felt Paige Omartian “should be”. My pen stopped after one description in particular. This was the one my heart had been longing to see. I had written, “Paige Omartian is who Paige Armstrong is destined to be.”

That was it.

That was the answer I had been searching for to give me assurance of this “new person” I was about to become. I already knew that Chris was God’s plan for me, but when I grasped the fact that Paige Omartian was as well… every drop of fear over my new name evaporated and was replaced with the deepest excitement and thrill. This is the name God has given me!

Now, it’s official. I am Paige Omartian. I realize that many of you who have followed my music, speaking, and ministry have gotten to know me by my former name. This is why I wanted to share some of the process with you – to introduce you to the same, but very new me.

There are a lot of things on the horizon right now, and my first book is on the forefront. Currently, it’s in the editing process with my publisher, and is projected to release in the fall of 2012. I will certainly keep you posted during this process and will let you know the official release date as soon as possible.

Oh, and one more thing! Just to make sure we are all starting off on the same foot, let me give you the correct pronunciation of my new last name. (Many people seem to think it rhymes with the little green martians from space!)
It’s pronounced: OH-MAR-TEE-AN.

Ahh. There we go. Much better now. 🙂

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey as we each seek to live the mission He has called us to. I’m excited about His promised plans for each of us!

Living His Mission,

Paige Omartian


11 responses to “Meet the New Me… Paige Omartian.

  1. Paige…(Omartian 😉 You make me smile!! And a super good role model. I pray God will bless you and Chris with a happy, happy marriage!!
    I don’t know if you remember us…but the Canfield girls love you!!!
    God bless!!
    ~Your sister in Christ,
    -Beca Canfield

  2. i am praying that as you and your husband embark on this new transition….it will show and bless others especially young adults. Many Blessings

    Liniere Black

  3. I’m so excited to be reading a blog from a MARRIED Paige! Congratulations to you and your new husband. God has worked so much through you as a single woman. I can’t wait to see what He has in store for you as a married woman!

    I also am so excited to hear that your book publishing is under way. I’m gonna e out of the country on a missions trip in the Fall…I guess I’ll get to read it when I get home. 🙂

    Last, you look absolutely stunning in your new photos.

    God bless you and Chris!


  4. Congrats Paige God is so cool because He had your husband planned for you before you started recording your first album. Can’t wait to read your book!! God Bless you!!

  5. Hey Paige,

    I would like to tell you CONGRATULATIONS on getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would also like to pray for you and your husband right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LORD, I lift up Chris and Paige to You right now and I pray that You BLESS them far beyond what they could ever imagine or think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pray that You BLESS their marrage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LORD I thank You for being with them and never leaving them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LORD I also thank you for what You are doing and going to do through them!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You LORD for hearing my prayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In JESUS Name I Pray Amen!

    Paige: You and your husband are in my prayers everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Psalm 119:105

  6. So this is a little late, but congrats on your marriage, Paige OH-MAR-TEE-AN! 🙂 How exciting for you!! Hope you have a long and happy marriage!

    I can’t wait for your book to come out. I’m really excited about it! BTW I was wondering, will you make any more CD’s from now on? I really love your first one!

    God bless,

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