Former Make-A-Wish child and cancer survivor, Paige Omartian, is a speaker, author, and recording artist, who is passionate about stirring an awakening in young people. At 21 years old, she has dedicated her life to reaching teens and young adults to encourage them to find their purpose and not waste their life. Through her own struggles, she has come face to face with the reality of how precious life is, and how God has an amazing purpose for each one of us.

During her cancer illness at 11 years old, she was linked to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and traveled to Nashville to make a Christian album as a part of her wish. Her early music also found its way onto the Bath & Body Works Holiday album in 2005 alongside such notables as Jessica Simpson and Martina McBride. She appeared on programs such as “The Today Show” and “Extra” sharing her story and the new Christmas music.

She has since released her own debut rock album, “Wake Up”, as well as a DVD of “Sermonettes” on Biblical advice for teen topics. In addition, she has been the speaker for a national tour called iShine Live, and hosted a global TV show called, “iShine Knect”. Currently, Paige is developing a ministry of her own and will be releasing her first book with Harvest House Publishers in the fall of 2012.

Paige’s mission is to awaken young people to break the chains of apathy, reclaim their value and live out the incredible, God-given mission for their lives.“Ultimately”, says Paige. “It comes down to this: My purpose is to help other people find theirs.”

Recently, Paige was married to Chris Omartian who is a music producer, musician, and songwriter. The couple reside in Nashville, Tennessee.


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  1. Hello Paige,
    first i must apologize me, my english is not very good i came from Germany and when i was in school i havend no interest in english i learnd it later after school.
    It is kind of weird but i am 29 years old and have nothing to do with the bible up to the moment i learnd you known in the show IShine, you have giving me some answers to questions i have deep in me for years.
    You have inspired me to take a look in the Bible and talk to God and Jesus, and i must thank you my life has becomme a little bit easyer since then.

    • Kai,

      Thank you so much for your comment! It makes my heart SO incredibly happy to know that you have come to know the Lord and are now seeking answers about Him from the Bible, His word!

      I would love to hear more about your journey and what really inspired you to read the Bible and talk to the Lord in the first place. If you feel like it, you can email me your story at iheartyourstory@gmail.com
      I would love to hear! God is at work in you and has AMAZING plans for your life!

      < Paige

  2. Hi Paige,
    i have good news one of the questions that i have come to a conclusion.
    The question was how God can speak to us to guide us and i have the answer here it is, when you do somthing you think it is ok or it is normal but God dont want that you are doing it you have the feeling it bordes you and your Heart feels like somone squeeze it.
    Now i know that God is there and looks at me and give me some guidence.
    God is so great and my life is so rich with Him and Jesus at my side.
    You inspired me to talk to God and take some time for Him and thats the reason for a “Thank You” to you Paige without you i had never done it and where the “Old Me” without Hope or Safety.

  3. Hi Paige,
    my name’s Manuel, I’m a 27 year-old Italian guy and I live in northen Italy near Milan. I bumped into your story totally by chance, because I’m a scholar in Classics and needed to learn some basic English, so I started watching some satellite TV, and among the available channels which happen to be aired also in Italy I found iShine Knect… I started watching it because, although I’m a grown up and the show would be supposed to address kids and tween agers, it was useful to learn the language… but then, within the show, I happened to listen to you, and I was kind of touched by what you say about living our life, not wasting it and understending how important it is… You made me think. There was something special in both your voice and expression, like if you were not just pretending (I mean, acting, playing a
    role for the show) but it seemed like you truly deeply felt what you were saying. So I looked up in the internet for the show and I found your page with your story, which made me suddenly understand the reason why you sounded so true.
    I don’t know exactly why I’m writing this to you, like in some sort of way it’s also funny that a show meant to address teen agers in the U.S. happened to reach a 27 year-old guy in Milan… eheheh maybe the Earth it’s not so big at the end of the day 🙂 ), however, what I wanted to say is that I felt like it would have been nice if I could contact you somehow and tell you that what you do is awesome and I am grateful for making me think, and ask myself what I could do to improve my commitment towards life, which sometimes we take too much for granted and waste precious time in meaningless stuff. I don’t know you in person, but let me tell you that, for what I could see, you must be special. You lived your story, ok, but what’s important is that, then, you shared it.
    Many people live stories, but only very few of them feel like they could share what they’ve learnt. That’s it, I just felt like you deserved some sort of “feedback”, so here I am, I’m contacting you from more than ten thousand kilometers far away and telling you that your message reached me and I’m grateful. You know, we often listen to people, watch shows, do stuff, whatever, but we seldom truly share our sensations. You are a person who after living a story thought she could do something more and share it. The same way I thought that, after listening to something which made me think and someway improve a little bit my lifestyle I could do something more: I could say thank you…. so, thank you Paige.
    Have a great week, I wish you all the best.

    p.s. I know there still could be several mistakes, as I’ve been learning English for only one year up to now, but I hope the general meaning is clear 🙂


  4. Amazing testimony and a truly inspiring person. Paige, your values are strengthening and God really speaks and uses you greatly. Your songs have so much depth to them. I am still trying to find my true God Given purpose but God has graciously given me little projects to do now and then for His glory. When failure strikes, I easily am shaken but He reminds me that He never lets me go. How can I know exactly what God has for me and How can I always remain steadfast in His word and do His will? Thank you for your work and I thank our God almighty for all He has done through you. God bless you and keep up the amazing work. Lots of love and prayers, Cinderella x

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