The book trailer for my new book, Wake Up, Generation!

Wake Up, Generation, a breakout new title from debut author Paige Omartian, will revolutionize the life of any young adult seeking purpose, passion, and direction. As a growing generation is characterized by a lifestyle of apathy and indifference, Paige uses biblical teaching and shares relatable stories to help young people break the chains and discover the God-driven mission for their lives. Readers will…

* understand their life’s sacred purpose
* wake up to the needs of the world around them
* develop a vision and mission statement for life
* realize how their own story fits into God’s design
* become equipped to live out the passionate, fulfilling life God intended

Singles from Paige’s debut album, Wake Up, have appeared on Top 30 charts of Christian music, and extensive media coverage, including an appearance on the Today Show, has earned her a legion of fans. With a growing reach, Paige will connect with readers and help them understand that it’s time to wake up!


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So, unfortunately it looks like facebook doesn’t like the idea of changing your name when you have a facebook fan page. This means I have to leave my Paige Armstrong page behind and start a brand new Paige Omartian one from scratch. Will you help to make the transition easy by joining me on my new page? I don’t want to loose a single one of you! Besides, it’s gonna be a party over there. 😉


My dear friends,

As many of you know, I have recently had the most exciting months of my life as I am now engaged to be married to the incredible man that God has so graciously given to me. God has written a beautiful and unexpected story in Chris and I as He brought us together. I wanted to share a few of our engagement photos with you as well as a link where you can catch a glimpse of our story in a recent press release: Click Here .

Words can’t describe how thrilled and grateful we both are for the gift that God has given us in each other. I look forward to sharing more of our journey along the way as we step into this new and life changing season in our lives. One thing that has been made very clear to me at this time… is that it is WORTH the wait!

The Reckless Rescue

“And we ask all of these things in Jesus’ name, amen,” said my pastor as he finished praying for the surgery I was about to have. Each person who had gathered by my hospital bed gave me a hug and a reassuring smile as I was wheeled away.

It was time. I had been battling cancer with chemotherapy for five months now and was about to have the surgery to replace the bone in my leg where the cancer was. So much of my treatment depended on this surgery.

Only one family member was allowed to make the walk to the surgery room with me, so my dad took my hand and reminded me of the verses we’d been reciting from Psalm 121 as we were led down the maze of halls. We finally came to a set of massive metal doors whose only purpose seemed to be to intimidate the people who walked through them. At that point, I was asked to say goodbye to my dad— no other person besides the patient and the hospital staff were allowed to proceed further. He kissed my forehead and comfortingly squeezed the stuffed dog I was clinging to. Then, they rolled me on…

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This article was published in YouthWalk magazine.