6 responses to “Polls

  1. Hey Paige,
    I am REALLY looking foward to giving a shot at your challenges 🙂 . What I struggle with the most is purity, I long to be pure, spiritually, mentally and physically (doing good on that one ;). I want to keep my heart & mind always for God, but especially saving my whole heart for that one man God has purposed me for (assuming that’s the case). I love listening your music, the songs give me confidence, and remind me of what we are here for. I would really love to hear some new songs, if that’s in your agenda? THANKS FOR WHAT YOU DO!!!!!!!!!
    ~Anne Marie, age 14

  2. One thing I really struggle with is feeling worthless… I always see how others are helping others more than me or are prettier than myself, etc… I really need to remind myself that God made me so I am perfect just the way I am.

  3. I voted purpose because it is all so confusing to me! The Lord has placed many things in my heart. When I hear how churches’ attendance numbers dropping, it makes me want God to work through me to preach! When I see disasters and the people it affects, it makes me want to be a missionary. I have been told that I have talent in writing by teachers, friends, and family. When I am singing, I feel so close to God, I lose myself in song. So please pray that I follow God, one step at a time, and not worry about it. Thanks!

  4. I voted knowing my purpose. I was born hearing and now I am deaf. There’s a reason for this. It’s God purpose for me to reach those who can’t hear anything. Everywhere I go I see deaf people being left behind. My calling and purpose is to tell them Jesus loves you just the way you are. Every mission trip I go to, I had the opportuntiy to meet a deaf person and tell them about the Love of God. Believe me you may never know where the deaf is God will bring them to you. It happen to me in Africa, Russia, Jamaica, UK, and Europe. They’re out there looking for Love. If you see a deaf person. Just say I Love You and you’ll start a fire!

  5. Paige,
    I voted for “knowing my purpose”. I know that God has bad things happen to us for a reason but it just seems impossible. Also sometimes I get angry at something i’ve done and pray to God of why that happened or why I did a certin thing. I also like to sing so that’s one way I can cool down. : ) Paige if you have any tips please tell me!!! Thank you and God bless

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